Washington National Cathedral tours

Soaring atop Mount St. Alban, Washington National Cathedral is a House of Prayer for all people. President Teddy Roosevelt laid the cornerstone in 1907. George H.W. Bush laid the “final finial” stone in 1990.

In 2011, an earthquake damaged the Cathedral. Engineers and architects have worked to rebuild the damaged portions of the Cathedral and to ensure it is structurally sound. Construction will continue for at least a decade, and repair costs are greater than $15 Million.

The Cathedral hosts visitors every day and visitors coming just to sight-see can come any day but Sunday and on days in which special events are being held. The advantage to touring with a Cathedral certified guideĀ is that, first, visitors will pay a reduced price. Also, tours can be arranged to suit the visitor’sĀ schedule.

In 1997, Terry became a National Cathedral summer volunteer. She volunteered and led tours through summer 2007.

In 2014, Terry was once again certified to lead tours – as a professional tour guide – of the English Gothic Washington National Cathedral. Come with Terry and discover the stories behind the stained glass and the sculptures. Having lived in England, Terry has been to many English cathedrals, so she can tell you what is special about the architecture, stained glass and style of this Cathedral.

Email Terry for more information. SUNDAY TOURS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. If you wish to attend a Sunday (Episcopalian) service at the Cathedral, give Terry at least a week’s notice so she can make sure you get there on time.

Cathedral outside